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Cookies Policy

As most modern websites, we use Cookies to enhance your user experience. Please find below detailed information on What are Cookies, What kind of Cookies we use, How you can unable Cookies from your browser and How to block Cookies installation.

What are Cookies? How do Imovic websites use them?

Cookies are small files that are generated by a web server and saved on your computer/device. Their aim is to store information about your visit. As most websites, we use Cookies on this site in order to:

  • Improve the functioning of the site
  • Save your preferences, such as your language or font size
  • Know your web-browsing experience
  • Obtaining anonymous statistical information on the use of the site, just as length of visit and number of pages viewed

Cookies enable us to tailor the information presented to you based on your interests, in order to provide a better experience next time you visit us.  The Imovic Group web sites use Cookies to operate, adapt and improve user’s experience while surfing the web.

Cookies do not provide references to personal data. Also, you will always be able to change your browser’s settings in order to modify or disable Imovic cookies. This will not prevent access to Imovic web contents, but browsing Services quality may get lower.


Mobility and accessibility are our main foundations to develop our activity. From Imovic, we as professionals offer smart solutions to match our clients’ needs.

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