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IRIS Car is the most robust and powerful hydraulic car lift in the market. Designed for vertical transport of vehicles with passengers, this car lift complies with current lifts regulations.

Iris Car is tailor made to completely adapt to your needs, using innovative technology and incorporating a mechanical system with two powerful pistons, capable of carrying up to 4,000 kg. in complete safety.

The lift IRIS Car offers skinplate or stainless steel car finishes, featuring central doors with various sizes available to fit the most common vehicles dimmensions. In addition, thanks to its automatic levelling system, the car is always maintained at the plant level.

  • Hydraulic drive with two pistons
  • Hydraulic unit with electrovalves
  • Automatic relevelling
  • Immersed motor
  • Soft start and stop
  • Possibility of remote controls
  • Customized and tailored car manufacturing
  • With machine room or control cabinet.
  • Cabinet doors and floor: adapted to each installation
  • Electronic weighting system
Technical data
  Control System   Universal
  Load   4.000 kg
  Speed   0.30 m/s
  Entrances   1 or 2 - 180º
  Max. Travel   10 m
  Drive System   1:1
  Headroom   3.600 mm
  Pit   1.200 mm



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