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This machine room-less, electric lift has been specially designed to transport passengers silently, providing maximum security and comfort.

Accuracy and reliability at each stop. This model incorporates a frequency converter and centre suspension chassis with 2:1 differential shaft, which provides great stability during the trip.

Its sturdy structure and functional design make EQU Portico an ideal lift for new buildings and for renovations of residential or commercial buildings.

EQU Portico is an eco-efficient solution. Its operating system incorporates a high quality, energy-efficient engine, that allows saving energy with a high performance.

  • Customized and tailored car manufacturing
  • Machine room-less
  • Ecological, Silent & Low-consumption lift
  • Gearless machine and FFVV technology
  • Machine positioned in top of the shaft
  • Cabinet doors and floor adapted to each installation
  • Possibility of single-phase source up to 300 Kg.
  • Electrical safeguards included in the control panel
  • Rescue system operated with batteries from control panel
  • Electrical overload device
  • Designed in compliance with European Directive 95/16/EC
Technical data
  Control System   Selective down controls
  Load   320 to 2.500 kg
  Speed   Up to 1.6 m/s
  Entrances   1 or 2 at 180º
  Max Travel   45 m
  Drive system   2:1
  Min. Headroom -up to 630 kg   3.400 mm
  Headroom -from 1.250 to 2.500 kg   3.800 mm
  Min. Pit   1.100 mm



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