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IRIS Mini is the perfect hydraulic lift for low-rise buildings with little space for installation. Designed for rehabilitation of homes or communities, IRIS Mini offers each customer a versatile solution, tailored to individual or collective needs.

Thanks to its hydraulic power unit with built-in electronic valves, the lift IRIS Mini offers high performance in terms of comfort and safety. Its machine room can be located in any space, so IRIS Mini allows improving and optimizing life in buildings that do not have a lift yet.

  • 2:1 Hydraulic drive system with electrovalves
  • Soft Start and stop
  • Reduced pit and headroom possibility
  • Best use of available space
  • Customized and tailored car manufacturing
  • With machine room or controller cabinet
  • Overspeed governor
  • Wedging system at the top of the chassis
  • Low power consumption
  • Cabinet doors and floor adapted to each installation
  • Electronic weighting system
Technical data
  Control System   Selective down controls
  Load    180 to 480 kg
  Speed   0.63 m/s
  Entrances   1.2: 180º/ 2: 90º
  Max. Travel   18 m
  Drive system   2:1
  Min. Headroom   2.700 mm
  Min. pit   300 mm



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