FORTIC Goods Lift


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Fortic Goods Lift has been designed to ease the goods transport with one column guides system. Manufactured to accomplish the Machinery Directive 2006/42 /CE, Fortic meets currently safety regulations, to become a robust, safe machine.

 This model easily adapts to industrial or commercial warehouses. Suitable for up to 3,000kg load, Fortic goods lift eases vertical transport of goods.

Fortic adapts to every space thanks to its combination of quality materials, and a range of travels, dimensions and no. of stops available.

  • For goods transport only
  • Guided by one column
  • Hydraulic drive
  • Custom made platform
  • Anti-sleep steel floor
  • Side protections; railings
  • Pressure valve
  • Doors adapted to each installation needs
  • Automatic self-levelling system, as an option
  • Two speeds performance as an option
  • Cable loosening control system
  • Three access doors, as an option
  • Inverted platform as an option
Technical data
  Max. Load   150 - 3,000 kg
  Max travel   24 m
  Elevation Speed   0.10 or 0.20 m/s
  Supply Voltage   Single-phase or Three-phase
  Control Circuit Voltage   24 V
  Parachute   Hydraulic


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