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The Installation Process; Step by Step

Imovic plans the installation of a lift in an efficient way:

1st Once the owner's community has taken the decision to install the lift, both the neighbours or the administrator, can contact Imovic on the phone (+34) 965 420 820.

2nd Following to your call, we will assign your project to a Commercial Technician. He or she will visit your building to take measurements and revise the available shaft. Of course, this is free of charge and without obligation.

3rd After the visit, our team will study the viability of the lift installantion, proposing different options to make the best use of the available space.

4th  Then you will receive the quotation of the different alternatives of installation, in which we will include all necessary items (projects, masonry works, installation of the lift, etc.), so that you don't have to worry about anything, as we provide a comprehensive turnkey service.

5th  Once the quotation is approved and signed by the client, we will initiate and carry out the Lift Installation Project, Municipal Licensing etc.

6th  Once granted the necessary licences, we will start the works to prepare the lift shaft.

7th  When the shaft is prepared, we will proceed to the assembly of the lift, always in coordination with all other trades for a correct execution of the installation and the works.

8th  After the installation, the final test is carried out with special attention to all safety systems. Subsequently, procedural steps will be taken with the Regional Ministry of Industry for the legalization of the elevator, and finally we will proceed to put the lift into operation.

9th The lift will be at the disposal of our customers for their use and comfort.


Mobility and accessibility are our main foundations to develop our activity. From Imovic, we as professionals offer smart solutions to match our clients’ needs.

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